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  • It was brought to our attention at our 2022 AGM at Timber River Station on April 30, 2022 some concerns that fellow members have in regards to the use of panels for 'stalling' at the FOESA Campgrounds. After thorough  discussion it was concluded that the current rules that were in place are often NOT adhered to and the safety of all campground users was an issue. 

A Motion was made for the year of 2022 to be a 'transitional' year and moving forward into 2023 the use of panels will be BANNED in all FOESA Campgrounds. 


Please understand, we are merely trying to allow the safety of ALL fellow members/campers be granted. We have provided 2022 as a transitional year so everyone can come prepared for next year. This motion was made and voted on by FOESA members at our AGM. The use provided highlines/stalling is a permitted, as well as Tying to your trailer or the use of 'homemade' highlines between Trucks & Campers. 

*As always tying to any tree in any FOESA campground is PROHIBITED

PANTHER ROAD & CAMPGROUND UPDATE:  According to Public Lands, the Panther Road, trails and campground are now open to OHVs.  The trunk road is also open from south of Mountainaire to the Coal Camp Road and various spots from there to Highway 11.  There will be enforcement for speed limits and alcohol use.  More information is available on this year's Bighorn maps. Public Lands is making a new map on trails South of the Red Deer River available at Mountainaire Lodge. 

Unfortunately someone has  taken it upon themselves to put up signs prohibiting OHVs on the Panther Road and in the campground.  These have been taken down.  If you see a person putting up signs or doing anything that looks out of place, please take a picture and FOESA will send it to enforcement.

2022 is shaping up to be another busy year for FOESA, work has commenced at Pepper's Lake Campground.



August 21, 2021 saw another successful poker rally held at the Eagle Creek Campground with great weather and an impressive turnout with 156 participants. This year saw the meal in a little different fashion with a chili cookoff which was enjoyed by all. The evening was then topped off with some songs and socializing around the campfire. Thank you to all our sponsors and participants, you are what made our event the success it was!


Pledge Winners:

Highest Pledge: Kevin Brayford

Second Highest Pledge: Bev Van Metre

Poker Hand Winners:

First: Ab Brewster - A flush in diamonds

Second: Terri Potter - Four of a kind in 3's

Special Recognition:

Oldest Male Rider: Lynn Kelly

Oldest Female Rider: Bev Van Metre

Youngest Male Rider: William Nienaber

Youngest Female Rider: Rylin Verbeek

9 photo(s) Updated on: 2 Jan 2022
  • Participants enjoying the afternoon sun.
  • Youngest Female Rider - Rylin Verbeek
  • Youngest Male Rider - William Nienaber
  • Oldest Female Rider - Bev Van Metre
  • Oldest Male Rider - Lynn Kelly
  • Poker Hand Winner - Terri Potter, Four of a Kind - 3's
  • Poker Hand - Ab Brewster - A Flush of Diamonds
  • Second Highest Pledge - Bev Van Metre
  • Highest Pledge - Kevin Brayford
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