PO Box 1441
Sundre, AB
T0M 1X0


  • 7 Mile Flats Campground
  • Big Horn Campground
  • Cartier Creek Campground
    (North & South)

  • Cutoff Creek

  • Deer Creek Campground
  • Eagle Creek Campground
  • Elk Creek Campground
  • Elk Creek Fish Pond
  • Hummingbird Campground
  • James Wilson Campground
  • Panther Campground
  • Pepper's Lake Campground
  • Red Deer River Campgrounds
    (North & South)
  • Wild Horse Campground


Dear Campers and Friends of the Eastern Slopes,

We have recently received correspondence from concerned members regarding horse stall and high line stall camp sites being occupied by camping units without horses. We, the Friends of the Eastern Slopes Association, support and encourage multi use of all of our 6 campground areas. As a courtesy to the campers with horses we are asking to give priority for the stalled and high lined sites to people travelling with horses. If the campground is full and no other options exist then by all means non horse users are welcome to use stalled and high lined sites. We operate on a first come first served basis.
Thank-you for your co-operation.


Friends of the Eastern Slopes Association has recently acquired some new campgrounds. The operation of these sites has transitioned from Alberta Parks to FOESA. Changes in operations can be found in the attached documents. 

*These sites are all operated on a first come first serve basis. There is no booking of sites.

(NOTE: for maps, see PRA links on Alberta Parks website)

Cartier Creek Campground (North and South)

Campgrounds are located 22 km south west of Sundre, AB along the north and south side of Coal Camp road next to the Red Deer River.



Deer Creek Campground

Campground is located 45 km southwest of Sundre, AB  along south side of Coal Camp road.


James Wilson Campground

Campground is located 40 km west of Sundre, AB along forestry trunk road (Hwy 734)


Red Deer River Campground (North and South)

Campgrounds are located 60 km southwest of Sundre, AB along Forestry Trunk road (Hwy 40)



Wild Horse Campground

Campground is located 65 km south west of Sundre, AB along Yaha Tinda road.


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