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Please check Alberta Fire Bans to keep updated!!


Bighorn Campground due to open JUNE 1st, 2023!

After a long expected wait, we have planned to re-open the Bighorn Campground! This has been a costly and timely project, therefore there is ground rules set in place. IF these rules are not respected, we will consider closing the campground indefinitely until the restoration is complete which could result in a couple of years.

- Camphost on Site

- NO TRAFFIC (horse, pedestrian or otherwise) is to be on the rock Berm at this time. The berm runs along the West side of the campground (east side of the Bighorn Creek) from the Bridge to the Red Deer River. 

- NO traffic is to be on Ice/Dirt piles as this poses as a safety hazard. 

Most construction was completed during the month of February, therefore all dirt/rock work completed has snow/ice mixed in with it. Slow melting of this ice will result in longterm settlement and high risk of hollowed out areas. 

Use of Panels is now PROHIBITED

During our 2022 AGM, it was discussed and voted among fellow FOESA Members and Directors to outlaw the use of panels at all FOESA sites. This is now in effect as of January 1st, 2023.  A thorough discussion occurred and it was voted against the use of panels for the following reasons:

- Improper Use of Panels; creating large unnecessary corrals, disobeying the set guidelines of 1 panel deep/wide and the length of trailer or length of high line poles provided

- Not securing panels safely to trailer or high line poles

- Liability issues of horses being tied to panels, spooking or pulling back. Resulting in horses running throughout campsite connected to a string of panels.

- Killing of grass/trees, resulting in poor regrowth or no regrowth at all.

Tying to your trailer and the use of high lines is still allowed as long as you use the provided poles or have your own high line system.

High lining between two trees is prohibited. 

If you are concerned about tying up or colic, we suggest discussing supplements/preventatives with your vet and being prepared for your day/weeks stay. Ensuring your horse is conditioned before hitting the mountain trails is also beneficial for their health and for preventing further complications.



In February 1994, Friends of the Eastern Slopes Association was incorporated as a not-for-profit society.  The group took on as their first project the Bighorn Campground located on the Parks Canada Ya Ha Tinda Ranch.  They negotiated with Parks Canada to take over as the stewards of the campground.  Over the intervening years, through positive, proactive volunteer efforts, Friends of the Eastern Slopes Association:

    • Has grown and consistently maintains a membership of over 1500 members/families
    • Have an on-going agreement with Parks Canada for the Bighorn Campground area
    • Were entrusted by Alberta Sustainable Resource Development and the Bighorn Backcountry Committee with the stewardship of the Hummingbird, Eagle Creek and Cutoff Forest Recreation areas
    • Have made a real reduction in regards to the impact on the environment from recreational horse users 


Friends of the Eastern Slopes would like to thank WEST FRASER MILLS for their financial support which has given us the opportunity to do the many upgrades and expansions at our campgrounds.

Their commitment to our forests make this all possible

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