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Effective January 1st, 2023 - the official policy of the Friends of the Eastern Slopes is that panels are outlawed. This came about for several reasons. 

Friends of the Eastern Slopes operates over 13 campgrounds throughout the Eastern Slopes. There are 3 different land owners of these various sites; Parks Canada, Alberta Parks & Province of Alberta - each having their own policies within their properties. 

Parks Canada & Alberta Parks have now adopted the same policy - BANNING the use of panels on their properties. But the Province of Alberta has not yet done so but expected that they too will be adopting the same policy in the near future. Therefore, a select few of FOESA managed properties are owned by Province of Alberta so there is no legal backing to our policy. Currently, Panther, Eagle Creek, Cutoff Creek and Hummingbird are PERMITTED the use of Panels. As long as Users FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES. 

Guidelines are as follows:

1. Panels are to be set up on the gravel pads ONLY, such as those found at Highline poles and individual vehicle parking.

2. Panels MUST be attached to either the highline poles or vehicles or trailers

3. Pen size is RESTRICTED to one panel width (deep) and no longer than the distance between highline poles or length of your trailer. Pens are NOT to be larger than 3 meters in diameter. 

4. Horses are NOT to be tied to the panels

5. When packing up, the area is to be cleared of manure and feed; which is to either be deposited in designated location or hauled away. 

These guidelines are set in place by the Province of Alberta and if they are not followed you may be subject to a fine. Expect these rules to change. Panels are NOT PERMITTED in any other FOESA Campgrounds within Alberta Parks & Parks Canada. 



In February 1994, Friends of the Eastern Slopes Association was incorporated as a not-for-profit society.  The group took on as their first project the Bighorn Campground located on the Parks Canada Ya Ha Tinda Ranch.  They negotiated with Parks Canada to take over as the stewards of the campground.  Over the intervening years, through positive, proactive volunteer efforts, Friends of the Eastern Slopes Association:

    • Has grown and consistently maintains a membership of over 1500 members/families
    • Have an on-going agreement with Parks Canada for the Bighorn Campground area
    • Were entrusted by Alberta Sustainable Resource Development and the Bighorn Backcountry Committee with the stewardship of the Hummingbird, Eagle Creek and Cutoff Forest Recreation areas
    • Have made a real reduction in regards to the impact on the environment from recreational horse users 


Friends of the Eastern Slopes would like to thank WEST FRASER MILLS for their financial support which has given us the opportunity to do the many upgrades and expansions at our campgrounds.

Their commitment to our forests make this all possible

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