Recently acquired by FOESA in 2023 from Alberta Parks. This small treed campground is found in the Red Deer River Provincial Recreation Area, 60km Southwest of Sundre on the Forestry Trunk Road. Sites are located on the North bank of the Red Deer River amongst trees. Its prime location along the Red Deer River is excellent for experienced fishing, kayaking and canoeing.


On the South side of the Red Deer River, you can find a small group camping area, nestled along the trees and bank of the river. It runs adjacent to Fisher-Wigwam Creek, making it great for countless hours of fishing.

Both these sites are a short drive to the Yaha Tinda, where the hiking trails are endless. 

    The sites are all first come first serve, including group camping. 

      • Garbage: This is a user maintained campground.  Garbage receptacles are not provided
        It is MANDATORY that campers pack out their garbage.

      • Toilets: Vault toilets are available on-site.  Toilet paper and hand sanitizer are not provided.  Campers must be prepared to provide their own toilet paper and hand sanitizer.  Toilets will be cleaned a minimum of once a week, campers may clean the toilet facilities themselves prior to their use if required.  Dumping on any garbage or sewage into the vault is prohibited.

      • Wildlife: Campers must ensure that all garbage, food and associated attractants are secured within a hard walled trailer or vehicle when not in use to prevent attracting bears and other wildlife to your campsite.

      • This is an unserviced campground

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