Camp Ground Rules

Friends of the Eastern Slopes Association Membership Application

Cost of membership is $30 / family. Donations above and beyond this are welcomed but not required.

The following membership form can be filled out and returned with a cheque or money order.

Please make cheques payable to Friends of the Eastern Slopes Association and mail to:

Friends of the Eastern Slopes Association
Box 6093
Innisfail, AB
T4G 1S7

A membership card will be returned to you by mail.

Membership Concerns

I camp in the random camping area west of the weather station I have observed a number of truck and trailers going way to fast on this part of the road. the entrance to this area is a crossing area for deer, elk and wild horses going into the meadow to feed and to water in the river. this week I saw 2 units pass the wild horses on the side of the road and not even slow down. on top of that this is a busy camping spot on the weekend with atvs and such crossing the extra 10 minutes getting to camp is better than not getting there at all. it is my hope that you could pass this on to your members and those that use the campgrounds you look after , with the hope that lives can be saved wildlife, people and horses.

thank you for your attention to this matter

John Fox

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