Bear Activity

All the FOESA campgrounds are in bear country. This year we are seeing more bear activity at both the Big Horn and Eagle Creek campgrounds. Riders are also encontering bears on the trails. Please follow the recomended bear practices.

Here are a couple links to update your bear knowlege and practices.


Big Horn recomended practices

Please take a look at these rules before leaving on your holiday. If you are using panels, please understand the reqierments or ask before setting them up.


Thank you to the AGM and Banquet Sponsors

Horse Stall Priorty

Dear Campers and Friends of the Eastern Slopes,

We have recently received correspondence from concerned members regarding horse stall and high line stall camp sites being occupied by camping units without horses. We, the Friends of the Eastern Slopes Association, support and encourage multi use of all of our 6 campground areas. As a courtesy to the campers with horses we are asking to give priority for the stalled and high lined sites to people travelling with horses. If the campground is full and no other options exist then by all means non horse users are welcome to use stalled and high lined sites. We operate on a first come first served basis.

Thank-you for your co-operation,


Seasonal Flooding

There will be an area on the west side of the Big Horn Camp Ground that will be shut down for the month of June. This is do to seaonal flooding.

Over the next few years the campround will be expanded to the east and the seasonal area will be closed down.


Map of Ya Ha Tinda

This map can be uploaded to a GPS

FOESA Upcoming Events

See all of the events scheduled on the Upcoming Events page.

Big Horn and Eagle Clean Up

Thanks to all the crew trhat came out for the clean up. Camp grounds are ready for the season.


Map Of FOESA Campgrounds

Trail Crew

We are currently looking for anybody trained in proper trail maintence. Please contact us!

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